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Find the best car opening locksmiths in London for when your keys are locked inside your car and it needs opening.

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Auto Key Replacement

We are open 24 HOURS A DAY! Contact London Auto Locksmiths on 0333 772 0769 for Replacement Car Keys

In the event that you have lost your vehicle keys, or had them stolen our team can provide the answer. Our auto locksmith professionals servicing all of London can cut and program keys to your car even without a functioning key present.

By working with the most advanced technology, our knowledgeable professionals are able to scan vehicle pins in order to get access to the ECU and make a brand-new car key for you, irrespective of where you are. For your peace of mind we can wipe off any old key fobs from the car’s memory so no one can start your vehicle with the old set.

Main Reasons Why You May Require Car Key Replacement

Normal Wear & Tear

It is pretty usual for the teeth of the vehicle key to become worn down to the point that it no longer fits the ignition slot easily. Or sometimes, it works only after numerous, exasperating tries. This is a red flag, and you really should contact our team to see to it that you are not caught out.

Stuck or Broken Keys

Our highly skilled technicians are armed with state-of-the- art tools in order to extract stuck or snapped off vehicle keys there and then.

We urge you not to tug or yank at the key yourself, only because you would most likely end up exacerbating the issue. Leave the problem to our specialists who have years of experience. We guarantee quick results at cost effective prices and ensure that you carry a replacement car key on the spot.

Lost Or Stolen Keys

If your keys have been stolen off you, or you have dropped it some place, we are able to generally reach you in less than half an hour. We cut key replacements right in front of you, program replacement fobs, and also transponder keys.

Damaged Car Locks

If someone has been tampering with the lock of your vehicle to get into it, the lock may be affected. Our team will assess the condition to discover if the lock is the root of the problem or the key, and proceed from there.

Why You Need To Phone London Auto Locksmiths

Whenever you discover you need a vehicle key replacement, you have 2 choices that you can pick from.

Option 1

You can hire a pickup truck, get your vehicle towed to your closest car dealer, then wait until they are able to make you a brand-new set of keys. On average, this process can take between a few days to several weeks depending on the difficulty of the auto locksmith security system installed. If you urgently needed to use the car, you may be compelled to find another car.

Option 2

The alternative option is picking up your telephone and calling London Auto Locksmiths. After our team take your phone call, we strive to ensure that we have a car locksmith professional with you in less than half an hour subject to your specific location. These locksmiths are kitted with all the necessary tools and equipment, therefore you can be confident that your issue is going to be handled on the spot. You will never need to wait for days before you are able to use your vehicle once again.